Where to eat and drink in Tumbarumba and Rosewood?

cafes in local area

How many cafes are there in Tumbarumba and Rosewood?

We have lots of fabulous places to eat and drink around our area – let’s count them!

Listed in no particular order – updated October 2021

Proudly supporting local businesses

Click on the links for more info:

We came up with 10, have we missed anyone? We’d love to hear about your favourite tea/coffee/food provider in the area.

If you’re visiting, always make sure you say you’re here to ride the rail trail, so the local businesses know how you found them. Tumbarumba Chamber of Commerce

What about pubs, restaurants and cellar doors?

More places to discover – pubs, clubs and cellar doors around the area – again in no particular order. Make sure you tell them the rail trail sent you!

What about other businesses in the area?

What other businesses are there in Tumbarumba? Well we’re glad you asked.

Thanks to Bucycle NSW, Rail Trails Australia, Rail Trails for NSW for producing this video

Plus we have doctors, a hospital, police, forestry, ambulance, schools, childcare facilities, council, library, museum, post office, logging contractors, builders – it’s a great place and we love living here! Help keep us all safe and follow COVID-19 regulations.

Hope you can visit us one day and support these local businesses.

Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail Team

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Post updated 13/10/2021

Copyright © 2023 Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail Committee and Debbie Harris – All rights reserved

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