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It’s taken over 18 years for the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail to become a reality, thanks to the passion and perseverance of people like Owen and Cathy Fitzgerald, Grant and Debbie Harris, Bob and Ros Gay, Ron and Cath Frew, Malcolm and MaryAnn Marshall, Peter Marshall and Ria Johansen, Tony and Susie a’Beckett and a variety of SVC staff and councillors over the years.

Our virtual opening video – a first of its kind due to COVID-19!

What never wavered was the support of the local community and businesses who could see the many benefits to health, the economy and tourism advantages of having the first NSW rail trail on government owned land, in our very own neighbourhood.

It’s been a huge effort to get through the red tape of bureaucracy, local government changes and funding requirements.

The volunteer committee have worked tirelessly to get the rail trail up and running and continue to work with SVC staff to ensure it is the best they can make it.

Local organisations such as the Tumbarumba Historical Society and the Men’s Shed have been instrumental in making dreams into reality.

Some of the story can be found in this video presentation which was made for the Rail Trails Australia AGM in November 2020.

rail trail map
rail trail map
Rail Trail map from Australian Geographic story
Rail Trail map from Australian Geographic story
sign of acknowledgement
sign of acknowledgement

Please note this page is an unofficial page for the rail trail run by volunteers and ‘friends’ of the rail trail. We acknowledge the funding bodies as in the above photo.

Contact us: tumbarumbashirerailtrail@gmail.com

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