Running a marathon on the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail

Tumbarumba marathon

The first marathon event

Our Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail had a special event recently – the first marathon was run using the 21km rail trail. It’s now an accredited marathon course!

The full marathon runners went out to Rosewood and came back to town, totalling 42km; the half marathon runners were driven out to Rosewood and ran back for 21km; the 10km runners and walkers ran out 5km and turned around. It was a great day!

All the results can be found here – Marathon results

Starting at the finish line
Early morning start 6.30am

Now for full disclosure our volunteer rail trail committee wasn’t involved in the organisation of it but we were used as volunteers at one of the drink stations, and our chairperson was one of the two ‘sweepers’ on bikes coming in behind all the runners and making sure everyone was OK. They had the slowest rides of their lives but enjoyed the social aspects of it all.

Those ‘running’ the event were experienced in this type of thing and did it all smoothly and easily. They usually organise a Hume and Hovell Ultra which is either a 50km or 100km run on the local Hume and Hovell Track. The event had to be cancelled in recent years due to bushfire damage of the track, so the marathon was put on in its place using the rail trail. Many are hoping the marathon becomes an annual event but that will depend on having people to help out, especially those with experience at running this sort of event.

It was an event to celebrate – the dedicated runners, the volunteers, the weather and the local community, all did a fantastic job!

The early morning fog was breathtaking but it was a bit chilly to start.

The marathon runners started at 7am, all were grateful and insisted on thanking the volunteers as they ran by.

The local Rotary Club had a sausage sizzle running and all competitors and volunteers were entitled to a free sausage sandwich.

Marathon Sweepers at the finish
Marathon Sweepers at the finish

The weather was perfect, the vibe was amazing and everyone was happy.

Huge congratulations to the organisers and helpers – these events take a lot of work and everyone did a great job, whether they were paid or volunteers.

Those who entered are amazing – for their dedication and fortitude!

What a great event to hold on our Rail Trail!

The medal was awesome – organised by SVC staff

How did you hear about us?

How did you hear about our rail trail? Did you see it on social media, or in print somewhere or from word of mouth? We’d be interested to hear from you.

Happy riding/walking/running/pushing a pram – however you use our rail trail!

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